A Stylish Home Office with Retro geometric pattern

If your work habits are anything like ours then you spend a lot of time looking a screen. Whether you’re actually working or actually looking at Instagram, we all spend a lot of time straining our poor overworked eyeballs. Considered interior design can help in a multitude of ways including increased eye relief! With our friends at LensCrafters we’ve designed three offices of three inspirational women with eyeball health in mind! Think about the 20/20/20 rule next time your eyelid starts twitching: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. It allows your eyes to readjust, focus, and improves your eye health. 

Maybe you recognize Liliana Vasquez? She’s a host on NBC New York’s “New York LIVE,” a style commentator and author of “The Cheap Chicas Guide To Style.” She’s a busy woman! We’re sure you’ve seen her at least a few times before but have you seen where she works? When she isn’t on TV, Liliana works from her sunny home office in Chelsea. It was in need of a revamp, and this LensCrafters x Homepolish opportunity came at the perfect time. Click through the slideshow to see how her designer Matthew revamped the space to match her stylish, hardworking personality!

From Homepolish | Photographs by Emily Sidoti

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